Nail it down the first time.
Every time!

Create accurate proposals on-site in minutes for ultimate customer satisfaction and win more jobs

Data You Can Trust

Fast & Agile

Seamless and easy to follow process to create accurate proposals in minutes and on-site to win more jobs


Real-time data and local benchmarks to review pricing recommendations and make optimal decisions designed to produce the most accurate outputs


Every team member is able to produce error free, on budget proposals to allow systematic growth and efficiency 

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Give your customers more

Homaze is a smart and accurate pricing platform designed for you to break away from traditional ways of work and systematically grow your business by providing your customers an exceptional digital engagement process




A  techy with passion for home improvement and an architect with infinite drive for innovation founded Homaze, a sophisticated data-driven pricing platform for residential remodelers who want to maximize their profit and systematically grow their business


Homaze is looking to reshape the remodeling industry by injecting data and technology to promote growth and efficiencies. We believe that it is time technology plays an important role in how remodelers guide their customers in order to be more efficient, maintain their reputation and win more jobs


Homaze is a simple and easy to use solution providing you with market benchmarks visibility, and specific pricing recommendations based on each job’s scope so you can create your proposals accurately on-site

Win more jobs in 3 simple steps:


Allocate your project on the map to apply local benchmarks 


Define scope of work using pre-populated flow to generate your accurate proposal in minutes on site


Nail it down the first time. Every time!


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