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    Our platform offers specialty trades in the remodeling and renovation sector access to a directory of qualified general contractors, along with the ability to bid on relevant projects and win more jobs.
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    Our platform offers a range of benefits to specialty trades in the remodeling and renovation sector, including the ability to engage with a directory of qualified projects published by GCs, bid on them, and win more jobs to help grow your business.

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    Since joining Homaze, my business has experienced a rapid and steady growth increase in project load. The platform’s ability to connect me with GCs looking for my skills and expertise has been invaluable. I’ve been able to easily win more jobs than ever before and save time and money doing it!

    Jake K, Electrician, New York
    Using Homaze was like flipping a switch because suddenly, finding work became so much easier. It's been incredible to see how quickly and effectively this platform connects me with GCs who actually need my services. Finding work and saving time is what it's all about and I couldn’t be happier with Homaze’s results.

    Joseph S, Floorer, New York

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